Friday, April 16, 2010

We're bringing sexy blog!

Here Everyone!

Here we go! We're about to graduate, and we of course are concerned with keeping in touch, and staying involved in each otheres lives. So here's a way to do so. This blog is dedicated to keeping ourselves creatively active as we venture into character design, visual development, and other animation related topics to keep our creative juices flowing. So let's get started with the first week of posts.

Here's how the blog works:

1. Every Monday there will be a new challenge.
2. You will have until the following Sunday to submit your artwork before we start the new challenge.
3. Post as many drawings, sketches, or submissions related to the project as you like.
4. Feel free to post current personal work for critique and feedback.
5. Tell us about your life! Keep us updated on all the cool stuff you've been up to.
6. Have fun! Use this blog as your weekly creative outlet.

That's about it! We'll go ahead and set up the first topic. Let's dive in head first, and then you can expect a new topic, prompt, challenge...whatever...every Monday.

-Matt Doering

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