Monday, April 26, 2010

Quick Update

Hey everyone, the submissions so far are fantastic! Keep 'em coming!
I just have a couple updates to let you all know about:

First, when you update with a new post, please put the name of the prompt you are submitting for in the labels box on the edit post page. I went ahead and added 'sea monster' to all of the ones up so far, so don't worry about those. Also, after the prompt has been posted, you should be able to click "show all" next to the labels box and select the current topic from there. So don't even have to type anything extra! Super easy.
This is all so we can use the "Past topics" list on the side of this page to organize the submissions by prompt.

Second, I updated the "Contributing Artists" list on the right of the page to include everyone. Everyone with a website (that I could find) has it linked there. Those of you I could find o website for have your names link right back to the Sketch Frolic home page. If you have a site I didn't link to, or I linked to your site incorrectly, please let me know.

That's it! I'm loving this blog already, and look forward to more awesome posts from all of you awesome people.


  1. yo man, what is week two's topic??

  2. Oh yeah, lemme address that in another, more-visible-than-a-comment post.