Monday, January 10, 2011


I propose,
 though if only everyone is in agreement.

Becuase it has seemed to be thet this blog is slowly falling off.

What if there were to be a swtich, or a modification to the postings of the blog, I'm mainly speaking of the content of course.
What if, instead of exclusively a sketch blog, what if it was a visual image blog, maybe more of a photo/sketch blog.

We've all have gotten very busy (with work of travel) and have begun to struggle to keep up with this site, so I'm thinking why don't we just need to make it easier to post.
and make this an awesome visual blog with all that is image.

If everyone is cool, down, loving, and or grovvy with this , maybe we could start with a title of "Games" .



  1. sounds good to me man! Good idea with the facebook group!!

  2. Thanks, i thought a second route of conversation isn't bad, plus i didn't really know how many ppl actually got notifications from the blog.

    but im thinking doing this. we can still do drawings of course though, since we have gotten ourselves in a pickle with time.
    i think just making the blog more general to imagery, may make thing simpler, and possibly more interesting and broader.

  3. but i didnt want to lose the themes though. seems it gives it reason. =P

  4. I think it's great. It probably is best it we leave it more open-ended though, cause that way we can post whatever work we're doing.

    I'll definitely put work up as I do it though :D

  5. i was thinking we could do themes or not do themes but at least try to post once a month. and maybe have a theme for each month.