Thursday, September 2, 2010

Not just an urchin... A LATE URCHIN.

Dickon Pope, the wiliest, purplest 8 year old wino in London, turns up his suspiciously flushed nose at this blog's suggestion of deadlines or sobriety until 5 o clock. Of course he and his tiny golden labradoodle Wobbles are too busy perilously picking pockets to pay any attention one way or the other.

Dickon was left as a newborn in a paper sack on the doorstep of the local pub, and was adopted by the establishment's well intentioned but notoriously pickled owner much the same way a store might adopt a cat. He enjoys shouting, foolery, dry sherry, wet sherry and passing out in a particularly cozy gutter at night. Wobbles is from a long line of Royal Scottish Labradoodles and can trace his lineage back to Abraham's labradoodle, Mr. Tinkles. He was on the fast track to kennel club stardom when a tragically misplaced pot of tea overturned on his tender young back and left a bald spot so damning that he was forced to the streets. He now aides Dickon in his antics in exchange for a warm box to snuggle in every night. He enjoys long walks on the shoreline, belly rubs and 18th century French literature and makes a mean welsh rarebit when given the opportunity.


  1. My heart cries out for poor Wobbles! Let us snuggle by a warm fireplace, drink pots of tea, and read classic novels together! Pope can come too.

    This is too wonderful, chica! Made my day! XD

  2. so awesome!!! he would be late, that drunken bastard