Sunday, June 27, 2010

We Got to Keep the Sketch Frolic Going, Son!

Come on, guys! What can the next topic be? Festive wombats? Accidents waiting to happen? Freeze frames of awkward phonemes? Mutiny? Popular cartoon characters as they would appear in 1950s sitcoms? Dickensian street urchins forging meaningful but tenuous friendships with tiny golden labradoodles? What?


  1. I heartily second this motion!
    And so do the Dickensian street urchins.
    I can hear their cockney cries now, "Please sah I woont summore... summore SKETCHES tha' is!"
    With the snot running down their noses, faces covered in soot from being shoved up a chimbley hole from dawn till dusk! Poor miserable wretches :(

  2. I think we should go the more character design route and vechicle prop design as well something that is simpler that way everything doesn't have to be an illustration

  3. What happened to the voting poll? T___T Is it sad that when you mentioned "street urchins" the first thing I thought of was the snow boarders in "Johnny Tsunami"? XD

  4. i thought no one wanted to do it. but I am totally down if my fellow amazing frolicers are as well

  5. I'm with Zane; prompts for individual design challenges would likely be easier for us all to manage, so switching over to those would probably help us generate more actual content on here.

    (Not that over-achievers can't keep on doing full illustrations if they really want to of course. lol)

  6. ok then lets make the next topic I am down with festive wombats that sounds fun!!!!

  7. It would appear the consensus is some sort of character/vehicle/prop concept, which I'm 110% for, so long as we get something goin!!! =D

  8. I agree with what's been said and agreed with already.

    Where's our moderators?
    We need leadership!