Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3rd: Foreigners as Fruit

Great job and great turn out on the sea monsters everyone. Fantastic work!

The poll results are in, and the new challenge for the next two weeks is "Foreigners as Fruit." Interpret that as you see fit. Submissions are due May 17th.

In addition to this challenge we are going to host a second challenge: design the sketch frolic blog banner. Everyone has FIVE weeks to complete this challenge to give you guys plenty of time to come up with some fun ideas. I know that runs right into finals so you'll have the first week of june to get your submission in after finals (and graduation) are over.

Dimensions for the banner are: Width = 740 pixels, Height = under 200 pixels. 72 dpi

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with :D


The "Contributing Artists" list has been edited to only include those artists who have actually contributed. This should save space and avoid listing people who may join but never contribute. As more people contribute, they will be added to the list. If you are contributing for the first time, please allow a couple days for your name to be added. If we haven't added it within a week or so, please contact one of the admins. (Matt, Sean, Tom, or Lyle) Thank you.

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